Development and Clinical validity of a novel blood-based molecular biomarker for sub-clinical acute rejection following kidney transplant

American Journal of Transplantation First published: 09 July 2018

John J. Friedewald1, Sunil M. Kurian, Raymond L. Heilman, Thomas C. Whisenant, EmilioD. Poggio, Christopher Marsh, Prabhakar Baliga MD, Jonah Odim, Merideth M. Brown, David N. Ikle, Brian D. Armstrong, jane I. charette, Susan S. Brietigam, Nedjema Sustento-Reodica, Lihui Zhao, Manoj Kandpal, Daniel R. Salomon†, and Michael M. Abecassis*(ORCID 0000-0001-9333-463X), for the Clinical Trials in Organ Transplantation08 (CTOT-08)

July 2018|

Orthogonal Comparison of Molecular Signatures of Kidney Transplants With Subclinical and Clinical Acute Rejection: Equivalent Performance Is Agnostic to Both Technology and Platform

American Journal of Transplantation Jan. 2017; 17: 2103 – 2116

S. M. Kurian, E. Velazquez, R. Thompson, T. Whisenant, S. Rose, N. Riley, F. Harrison, T. Gelbart, and J. J. Friedewald, J. Charette, S. Brietigam, J. Peysakhovich, M. R. First, M. M. Abecassis and D. R. Salomon

January 2017|